Few Words, Many Pictures

I’m a woman of few words today.

I know those of you who read my blog frequently me are doubting it, (I rarely have few words) but it’s true. Lots is going on at school, but today, I’d like to keep it simple. Pictures.

This week we had a birthday and the birthday girl brought cake pops. Oh, my God. The most amazing cake pop I’ver ever had. And it was e-normous.
I’m trying to eat carefully, but I’ve had, like, four birthdays this week. Birthdays = cupcakes = I have to eat them.

Bought a new lamp 🙂 It’s a tripod, in honor of my photographer hunnybun.

This is what my mom wants for Mother’s Day. Paula Dean’s measuring cups. She saw them on TV.
I (being a good daughter) searched for them online. They cost over a hundred dollars. I don’t think she knew that when she asked for them.
Guess who’s not getting Paula Dean’s measuring cups.
Guess who’s gotta figure out something else for Mother’s Day.

This is the giant median (really it’s like a walking path/park) near my home. I like to walk my Lucy there. This is the pretty view the other evening on our walk.

One time I saw a guy walking a monkey there! 
I think he’s an army guy.
We have a base here.
This is the present I bought from me and my hunny for my future mama-in-law for Mother’s Day. I also bought some flowers and I’m going to plant them up for her this weekend.
I’m gonna hang around blogville and check out what you awesome peeps are doing for Mother’s Day. I think we’re going to do puzzle piece picture frames with a magnet on the back.

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  1. omgosh – I KNEW what kind of measuring cups those were before I even read it!! LOVE them! lol

    And squirrels – I KNEW that comment was from you! lol

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