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Building practice into coaching support models with Gretchen Bridgers, Ep. 12: The Coaching Podcast

It’s great to have strategies, resources, meetings, and plans when you’re coaching teachers.

However, what happens when all that goes nowhere? Sometimes there is a disconnect between “Getting It” and “Doing It”, also known as the “Get It-Do It Gap.”

How do you break this cycle? You listen to Buzzing with Ms. B The Coaching Podcast Episode 12.

Gretchen Bridgers of Always a Lesson is jumping in on the conversation today to help us learn the value of practicing! Gretchen has had her hands in several facets of education including being a K-12 coach.

Currently, she is a consultant for individual teachers and school staff who seek her amazing service as well as a full-time mom.

When we are working with teachers, we need to make sure they are taking the strategies and skills we are working on in the coaching cycle and applying it in the classroom all the time. One of the best ways to do this is to practice!

Practicing is the most important thing you can do because it makes teachers more effective. When you are building that culture of practice, the first step is making it normal. You want to get everyone involved! Have one person be the teacher and the other be a misbehaving student (which can be so fun!) and another be an observer.
While you’re practicing, you need to make sure feedback is being provided! Then, once feedback has been given, practice again! You can’t practice one time and call it a day. Practice makes perfect. Find out what practice should look like, how you can put it into your coaching cycle, and a variety of strategies you can use by tuning into Episode 12.
You never want to overwhelm a teacher. Not when you’re coaching. Not when you’re practicing. You want to be nit-picky about what you are focusing on even in practice. It can be intimidating to have someone watch you for a full hour and there’s so much to unpack. Focus in on one idea so you’re not overwhelmed and neither is your teacher.
There’s so much to consider when you are coaching practicing that you have to tune in to hear all of the great advice that Gretchen has for us including how to work with the teacher who likes to wing it!
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Get ready to start practicing with Buzzing with Ms. B The Coaching Podcast Episode 12. Happy coaching!

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