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Problem Solving the Principal-Coach Relationship with EduCoach Survival Guide, Ep. 116 Buzzing with Ms. B: The Coaching Podcast

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As an instructional coach, one of your most important relationships is with your principal. This foundational relationship sets the tone and expectations for your work with teachers.

On this episode, I’m joined by Lindsay Deacon and Angela Scotto Harkness, authors of The EduCoach Survival Guide to talk about this critical relationship. We take a closer look at some of the challenges around the coach-principal relationship, and how to overcome them. They talk about their book and how to use it as a resource when things aren’t going as planned on campus.

During this episode, we discuss how to problem solve the principal-coach relationship, create boundaries, overcome obstacles, and proactively set up an agreement to make our coaching role clear. You’ll learn how to work with administrators, prevent miscommunication, and what to do when your principal asks you to do something that’s outside of the scope of your coaching work.

If you’re an instructional coach or working with teachers, this episode of The Coaching Podcast is for you! Listen to the entire episode below.

Topics and Questions Discussed in Episode 116 – Problem Solving the Principal-Coach Relationship with EduCoach Survival Guide

  • The coach-principal relationship
  • How to use agreements with teachers and administrators
  • Establishing boundaries
  • Being strategic about time spent with the principal
  • The steps to create a principal-coach agreement
  • How to have an open conversation with your administration to discuss expectations and focus
  • Setting the stage for a healthy coach-principal relationship
  • What an effective coach-principal relationship looks like
  • Building relationships with teachers and principals
  • How to talk to a principal who doesn’t understand your coaching role and isn’t supportive
  • Communicating clearly with your principal and preventing miscommunication
  • Using artifacts/documents during meetings
  • Structuring meetings with your principal
  • Helping principals understand what coaches do
  • What administrators can do if coaches don’t have a solid understanding of their role
  • Importance of PD and investing in training for coaches
  • What to say to your principal when they ask you to do something outside your coaching role

Ready to listen? You can listen below with the media player, or search for Buzzing with MS. B: The Coaching Podcast anywhere you listen to podcasts!

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