Easy DIY Gift: Decorative Clothespin Pushpins!

The past few years, I’ve made something small as a “welcome back to school” gift for my teachers. Two years ago, I made Rollo pencils, and last year, I made flower pens. This year, I went for something easy and useful! Decorated clothespins with thumbtacks on the back!
They’re so easy to make, too. I made a couple hundred- enough for all of our faculty and then some – in just a couple hours. Basically, my husband told me, “You should really watch that last Wolverine movie. It was really good,” and I watched it with one eye while doing this will all the rest of me. 

I started out with a ton of clothespins and some washi tape. I went a little crazy here and chose waaaaay too many styles. Couldn’t help myself. Tape across the top of each clothespin and tear off the tape after the edge.
Then I flipped them over and used scissors to snip off any excess. Some tape is exactly a clothespin
s width, so it fits beautifully! And some tape has to be trimmed not only at the ends, but along the sides as well.

Then I glued a thumbtack to the back of each with a glue gun and cut a million little cardstock cards in a few different complimentary colors. I clipped three clothespins to each card.

After that, I used a permanent silver marker to write a little signature and I was all done! 
Easy Peasy!

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  1. Love your clothespins! I admire your perseverance to make a couple hundred…I might be able to make some for my two colleagues, but that would be about it! (And I am the queen of one eye watching whenever my husband chooses the movie!)

  2. These look great! This makes me wish I had seen this before painstakingly hot gluing mine in the past! I have to do this to all my plastic drawers too! For the Monday Made it, I made a calendar for 2014-2015 to help stay organized. You can see it here.

    Mrs. Harris

  3. I thought about putting magnets on, and the only reason I went with pushpins was sturdiness – I find that the magnet tape isn't super strong. And pushpins were cheaper! Ha! But yeah, I'm sure that magnets would work, too!

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