Monday Made It! Citronella Wine Bottle Torches

I feel like all summer, all I’ve done is DIY. The only problem is that all the DIYs are for my wedding and I don’t want to put them all online before the big day! But after October 5, I’ll be set with Monday Made Its through February!

Today’s DIY was something for the house AND the wedding, so I’ll go ahead and share it. All it took was a trip to Lowe’s and a lot of wine drinking. Lowe’s isn’t such a bad place (they have a lovely garden center) and I’m reeeeaaaally good at wine drinking. 

Over the last few months, I drank wine from pretty bottles. This helped me prepare for my DIY, and it was all in the name of crafts, so I didn’t feel guilty. You can use that excuse, too, if it makes you feel better.

I followed the directions here at Apartment Therapy for “How to Make a Wine Bottle Tiki Torch.” It only took me a few minutes and I only needed a few materials!

– nylon thread tape
– copper reduction coupling
– Citronella oil
– replacement torch wicks
– wine bottles

I made six torches, but I only filled one with Citronella to keep it in the backyard. The others I’ll save and fill for our wedding!

And check back on Wednesday for the second episode of my Reader’s Workshop Miniseries!

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