Wedding DIY: Circle Garland Backdrop

So a few months before my wedding, I was pinning away and I saw all of these beautiful photo backdrops. And I thought, “I can do that.”
And it turns out, yes, I did.
I used these supplies (string, a 2-inch circle punch, double-stick tape, and clothespins), plus a lot of pretty scrapbooking paper in our wedding colors and a five-foot wooden dowel.
I started by cutting long pieces of string and taping them down to one end of my dining room table. The string pieces were long enough for the height of the backdrop, so about five feet long. 

On the other end of the string, I attached a paperclip to keep it from blowing around too much, but a metal washer would’ve probably been a better idea.

Then I cut approximately a million circle squares of all different shades of our wedding colors (blue and yellow-gold)

I placed the circles at a variety of intervals under the string. 

Then I stuck a piece of double-stick tape to hold it to the string.
After that, I stuck another circle of the same color on top of it, making a little sandwich and adhering both sides to each other and the string.

After I’d made the first set that fit on my dining room table, I tied them to the wooden dowel at intervals and taped them down. Then I made another set, and another, and another until my hand was puffy from smushing down the circle punch.
The really tricky part (and this is a DUH moment…) is getting it where you want it. Of course, the day I decided to move it, it was windy. My mother lives a block and a half away from me, and I couldn’t bear to roll this all up and clip it or any such thing, which would have probably been far smarter than what I did. Because what I did was walk it, down the street, all the way to my mother’s house. On a day that was calm in front of my house, but quite breezy in front of my mother’s house. So yeah, don’t do that, because you will then spend several (thirty) minutes untangling and retaping your precious backdrop. And you won’t be that happy about it.
To hang it up, we drove two nails into the brick wall (not kidding) at my mom’s house, where we had our wedding reception & party. One of our photographer friends staked out this spot and took pictures of our guests as they walked in to the party!
One of our awesome groomsmen, his lovely fiancee, and my husband. Rawr-ing. In front of the backdrop.
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Happy Crafting!

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