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Read Across America Week: Celebrating Dr. Seussiness with Treats and Snacks!

My school decided to celebrate the week leading up to Dr. Seuss’ birthday by spending the whole week with fun literacy activities and projects. We have had a blast thinking of activities and ways to celebrate reading!
Tomorrow I’m going to share about how we celebrated Dr. Seuss with reading activities. But for today, my post is all about the tasty part: food (and other treats)!

My librarian buddy and I decided to hunt around on pinterest for some adorable ideas to make for our teachers. She already had planned to give out cute Dr. Seuss bags with hat-shaped dry erase boards, and bookmarks & pencils another day, so they were going to get some cute teacher stuff (we love cute teacher stuff, don’t we?). 
And then we thought, “What about…. food? Food is fun. Food is cute. Food is crafty and everyone loves it! So we searched and searched and settled on three cute snacks for our teachers. We gave them one item each day of the week to celebrate Read Across America all week long!

Marshmallow pops

First, we skewered the marshmallows on these adorable polka-dotted straws. My librarian found them at Party City, but I know Hobby Lobby has something similar.

 We dipped them into melted white chocolate (we used the Wilton brand chips) and let the excess chocolate drip off (this part took the longest!)

Then I scooped sprinkles over the top. We made several different kinds by using different sprinkles – red, blue sugar, red, white, and blue stars, and red and blue mixes. 

I stuck them into a few pots with styrofoam inside to help them stand up (and to look cute). We left them on the counter in the lounge with a little sign to let teachers know they could take one.

We decorated the table with the book The Lorax, our little signes that we printed, th epots of marshmallow pops, and this cute Dr. Seuss sign my librarian buddy had. We added the truffula trees I made this weekend (find the directions here, if you want to make your own!).

original pin idea for marshmallow pops here
We made 76 pops – it took two full bags of marshmallows, two bags of sprinkles, two bags of Wilton candy melts (light blue) and eight packages of paper straws.

Fish in a bowl

One fish, two fish, these are for you fish! 

These were the easiest treat. Scoop and pour, and you’re done!
You can grab the printable labels here at Google Drive.

Ok, this isn’t food. On this day, we had a half-day for training. And I was giving the training. So we kept it simple! My librarian had bought this adorable stuff for teachers! 

Each teacher got a bag and a cute dry-erase board shaped like the Cat in the Hat’s hat!

I did get to celebrate Dr. Seuss with food today, though. The kindergarten teachers made green eggs & ham for their kids and I got a plate for myself!

It was waaay tastier than it looks.


Cat in the Hat Jell-o

Are these adorable or what?!

Our principal asked the cafeteria to make the red Jell-o for us, and the librarian and I supplied the cups, spoons, and Cool Whip. 

We scooped a little jello, and then a little cool whip, and then a little jello and then a little cool whip, until we had a cat-in-the-hat-ish sort of treat! 

We sprayed the top with whipped cream and added a spoon for a fun treat.

original pin idea here


Bookmark, Pencil, & eraser


I know Friday seems kind of anti-climactic, but this was the day when we had our guest readers and didn’t have the time during the day to assemble a tasty snack!

Overall, it was a fun and sweet week, and I hope our kids and teachers got a kick out of our fun Seussiness! Check back tomorrow to read about how we celebrated Read Across America Week with … gasp… READING!

Happy Teaching!
For more ideas about Everything Dr. Seuss, check out the Primary Chalkboard’s Link-Up!

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