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Wedding DIY: Chalkboard Welcome Sign

Our wedding was back in October, and I’ve had this huge pile of pictures and DIYs that I wanted to share with you readers! I finally put them together this week and so I should have posts ready for the next seven Monday Made-Its! The first one I’m sharng was a fun project! I bought a simple chalkboard from IKEA and fancied it up for our wedding to greet our guests!
 I cut a piece of fabric to fit in the chalkrail that matched our wedding colors. I used string, hot glue and scrapbooking paper to make a little bunting to drape across the top, and in one corner I glued some paper flowers matching our wedding colors.

Then I found these little jars and popped fake daisies in them to match my bouquet. I printed out the text I wanted on computer paper using fancy fonts and spent about forty-five minutes recreating the lettering and the little bride and groom outfit underneath. It’s not perfect, but when I look at it, I’m kind of amazed I did it at all lol. Considering it was the night before the wedding!
Then I wrapped the top part of the chalkboard in saran wrap to protect the chalk from smudging while we transported it to the church. We placed it in front of the church and later in front of the house for the reception and party to greet our guests!

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