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Seuss Snacks: Read Across America snacks!

By now, I thought I’d be all Seussed out, but I have just a tiny bit of energy left to blog about our crazy Read Across America celebration last week. Of course, I did take a bit of a breather on this fine Saturday. I rose early with good intentions, and after a delicious breakfast found myself watching episode after episode of Scandal while drinking massive amounts of hot orange spice tea. So that was a little less than productive.

But now I’ve parked myself at a Starbucks, I’m listening to Paul Simon, and I think I’m finally ready to write about this incredible week. Every year, we try to make our Seuss celebration bigger and better. I don’t know which events will help provide students with a positive connection with reading, but more is better, right? We have to keep trying!

One way we keep kids excited about reading is by getting teachers excited! We’re all so tested and burdened with paperwork, and we wanted to show how much we appreciate and love our teachers. So each day, in the lounge, we had a nice Seuss snack for our teachers! My librarian buddy and I make them and put them out; enough for each member of the staff & faculty to have one!

Monday: Cat in the Hat Cheese Sticks

These are surprisingly easy to make! Just buy some cheese sticks and use a black permanent marker and a red permanent marker. I made them at home and refrigerated them until our event – great for a do-in-advance treat!

I bought these red bins and a tablecloth at the Dollar Store. We used the truffula trees I made last year (find out how here) and the other props we’d made to decorate the table.

Easy peasy!

Tuesday: Truffula Seeds

These are another make-in-advance treat. I printed out the truffula seeds labels and stapled them to a plastic baggie. Then I filled the baggie with jelly beans!

We used our same display materials but added a Lorax and a copy of the book! A few gardening tools (for planting the seeds, of course) finished up our display.

Thursday: Chocolate Covered Pretzels & Oreos

These took a little longer! The Oreos below were the easiest part. We melted bowls full of red, white, and light blue melting chocolate discs. Then I drizzled it over a tray of Oreos. After they dried, I flipped them over and did the other side.

To make the pretzels, we bought pretzel rods and dipped them into the melted chocolate. Then we covered them with sprinkles. They were very similar to our marshmallow pops of last year.

We kind of made a mess in the lounge. It got much worse than this.

We made a few of these chocolate dipped Oreos (one of my most favorite things in the entire world.) I didn’t have the right size sticks, though, so they kept breaking. I ate all the broken ones. There were five.

We put everything together with some cat in the hats!

Friday: Hop on Pop…corn!

I definitely recommend this one! We were fortunate enough that our secretary popped the popcorn for us in the big popcorn machine! Then a volunteer filled the cups with a cute polka-dotted napkin and popcorn. 

My hunnybun had already helped out by putting the labels on the cups, so they just had to be set up! What a nice team 🙂
Our week was full of Seussy snacks, and I know our teachers appreciated the special touch! I hope you use some of these ideas with your faculty or your students! If you’re looking for more ideas, check out last year’s Seuss snacks!

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