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Read Across America Celebration: Fun Events All Week Long!

One of the most fun things about our Dr. Seuss celebration is that it lasts all week. On each day, we have special events to (hopefully) get our kids excited about reading! This year included some fun dress-up events to Seussify Yourself, and we also scheduled a fun Read Across Capistrano event!

 Monday: Seuss Yourself with Stripes!

 Easy peasy, right? I honestly wore the same striped sweater I wore last year!

On Monday, we also had guest readers schedule to visit classes all over the school. We specifically invited retired teachers to come and read to our kids! I’m posting about that soon!

 Tuesday: Lorax Mustache Day!

I must say, I kind of enjoyed having a mustache.

It made me feel important and, as my Harry Potter club kids said whilst stroking their mustaches, “You can express your emotions.”

 On Tuesday, teachers switched classes and read to each others’ kids!

 We also did our big book giveaway on Tuesday! We had requested donated books from a local non-profit, Books Are Gems. They gave us one book for each child in our school! Kids received a book, bookmark, and pencil for free!

Wednesday: Snuggle Up with a Good Book Pajama Day and Read Across Capistrano!

 I seriously have crazy eyes in this picture. It was almost impossible to take a full-body selfie. I mean, really, why didn’t I just ask someone to help me? Also, I accidentally stuck my watermark on there twice, once right over my face. Oh, well.

Anyway, it was pajama day. It was also READ ACROSS CAPISTRANO! (my school)

At 8:00, all classes in the school picked up their books and headed out into the hallway. The students, teachers, and staff read for thirty minutes! I had a blast!

Here I am, comfy in my pajamas, reading the last book I bought by Gregory Maguire. The. Best. Day. Ever.

 That afternoon, I gave an inservice to the teachers (it was an early release day.) To make the day extra special, my librarian buddy and I made these little teacher gifts! We had volunteer help!

 Each little canvas bag had a pin, pen, pencil, notepad, and bookmark, plus a little Seuss ribbon tied on!

It was a full house!

I also used these adorable reward scratch-offs my sister-in-law gave me for Christmas to reward some great kids and readers!

Friday: Crazy socks & shoes: Fox in Sox Day!

 On Friday, our biggest day, we wore our cute Seuss shirts!

We also wore crazy socks and shoes. We had guest readers from the community visiting that day and we didn’t want to scare them off with too much weird stuff.

The next post will be all about our guest readers: who they are and what we do to prepare for them!

Here was our calendar of events:

Happy Seuss Week!
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  1. I'm sorry I didn't respond to this sooner! I'd just had a baby and was not checking blog comments. I do not have an editable version of the Read Across America document that I can share. I'm sorry about that!

  2. Would you mind sharing that copy with me as well?

    Love your creativity and I can imagine the kids go crazy for it. Thank you for sharing your ideas and everything else!

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