Wedding DIY: Etched Mason Jar Candle Holders

For our wedding last October, because we had the dinner and party outside, I knew I didn’t want flowers as centerpieces because my mother’s backyard is already full of green and flowers! So I hunted around for ideas to make a simple candle centerpiece unique and special.
These jars were a huge hit and easy (and better yet: cheap) to make! To start, I had my family and friends collect as many jars as they could. Spaghetti, jelly, salsa, olives and more come in jars! 
Once I had a large box full of jars, I filled the sink with hot hot hot soapy water and scrubbed the labels off witha steel wool scrubber. Sometimes this took some hard work, but those jars were free so you know I was going to find a way to use them!

After the jars were clean and dry, I used some handy dandy materials I bought from Michael’s to etch them. Martha Stewart produces an etching cream that works very well. It comes with a little brush. Separately, I purchased some Martha Stewart sticky vinyl stencils. The stencils were surprisingly durable and lasted for over 130 jars. 

I stuck the stencils on several sides of the jars and painted over them with the etching cream. Then I let them dry and stuck them back in the sink. I used a sponge to clean off the jars with the stencils still on. Then I peeled off the stencils and laid them out on a plastic sheet. 
And then I cleaned the jars again, making sure I took off all of the residual cream

It was some work, but they were awfully affordable centerpieces and they turned out lovely.
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