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Camp Read-a-Lot, Part II

I’ve been a terrible Literacy Leader. Two weeks ago, I spent the whole week helping administer TELPAS. This week, I spent my time hopping around at our STAAR Celebration Pep Rallies and administering the Math and Writing STAARs. So I haven’t done that much literacy stuff. 
I did get a little schooling from a second grader, though. As I handed out the district’s media disclaimer during the TELPAS, I said, “Please sign your name on the line. This means you don’t have a cell phone with you.”

One of the kids gave me a smarty-pants look. “We’re second graders,” he said. “We don’t have cell phones!”

Sheesh. It wasn’t my idea, okay?

Today was my first normal day in a couple weeks. It was nice. I got to work and I was like, “What do I do here? (When I’m not giving tests?)”

I didn’t have long to wonder. As I stood, hesitating in my doorway, the day came and hit me in the face and I managed to fill it with planning with teachers, meetings, and working on my very sadly delayed “Camp Read-a-Lot” bulletin board. 

I’ve been sitting on this board for a couple weeks. What with meeting with my groups, planning, paperwork, and testing, it’s been a month since our Literacy Night actually happened! So today I gathered my butcher paper, family reading pledges from the Literacy Night, and put together my board! I can only hope the kids actually remember what it is. Short attention spans…

The board was a bit too long to actually capture it all. I tried that panoramic thing, but it made it look a little curvy, so we’re stuck with an angled shot!

I added the little puppets the kids made and I stapled up the cover from the book we used, A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee!

I made a tent out of butcher paper and cut a little flap to add some 3-Dness!

Check out the materials to have your own Camp Read-a-Lot Literacy Night, Super Family Literacy Night, or Roll Out the Red Carpet for Literacy Night!

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  1. Your post just gave me a great idea as I've just come out of a camp meeting (we head off to camp in about six weeks)… But the teachers get to go visit and have a look around in the next week or two- and therefore in the first couple of weeks of next term (I'm in NZ so we've got 2 weeks of school now, then 2 weeks holiday, then into term 2) I can base my literacy program around camp- because I hate starting something like novel studies and then a week or two later having the flow lost because of a week at camp.

    Summarising of information they read about the activities available, procedural writing based around camp, development of new and exciting camp activities etc. Yay! You've just given me a heap of inspiration! Then I can start my regular programme in week 4 once camp is done and dusted 🙂

    I can't believe that grade 2 kids have to sign cell phone waivers! That's so intense!

    I'm going to go and have a read through your other posts now! I'm in charge of re-vamping the library this year so some of your literacy based posts could spark some more inspiration for me!

    From you newest follower
    x Serena x
    Magic Mistakes & Mayhem

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