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Analyzing Behavior Data with Teachers with Navigating Behavior Change, Ep. 123 Buzzing with Ms. B: The Coaching Podcast

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Every coach knows that learning doesn’t happen without effective classroom management. If we can get management in place, everything else is easier.

Across the country, we’ve been hearing that since the pandemic students’ behaviors are more intense and classroom management is a bigger challenge. One way for instructional coaches to support teachers and students is by working on behavior management during coaching cycles. We can use data gathered to improve management, just like we do with instruction. By analyzing behavior data with teachers, we can help them identify areas for growth and respond purposefully. 

In this episode, I’m talking to Amanda Wilson from Navigating Behavior Change about this topic. During the show, we talk about best practices for behavior management, factors contributing to the behavior challenges we’re seeing right now, and how we can conduct coaching cycles that focus on behavior growth. If you want to help the teachers you coach improve classroom management, this episode is for you!

Topics and Questions Discussed in Episode 123 – Analyzing Behavior Data with Teachers

  • Behavior management basics
  • Being proactive, not reactive
  • What we can learn from behaviors
  • How coaches can use data about behavior to help teachers with classroom management
  • Why teachers shouldn’t take behaviors personally
  • The need to respond vs. the need to react
  • Behavior and instruction
  • Ways to approach a coaching cycle focused on behavior management
  • Collecting data on behaviors during a coaching cycle
  • Using ABC data to identify and prevent issues
  • Challenges when coaching teachers around classroom management
  • Tier-one strategies to try
  • How to teach behavior and social skills
  • SEL and behavior management curriculums
  • Calm down spaces
  • The importance of practice and feedback when learning new behaviors
  • How coaches can help teachers implement a new behavior strategy in a way that actually sticks

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