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Differentiating Coaching Cycles with Dr. Jane Kise, Ep. 124 Buzzing with Ms. B: The Coaching Podcast

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Differentiating coaching cycles is an excellent way to help teachers get the most out of your work together. Instructional coaches can set up coaching cycles that meet the needs of teachers by using what we know about personality traits and the supports that work best for them. Once a teacher has a good experience with us, they’ll likely come back for more.

In this episode, I’m chatting with Dr. Jane Kise, Founder of Differentiated Coaching Associates, about differentiating the coaching cycle. Dr. Kise is an author, trainer, and coach who works with schools to facilitate team development and leadership coaching. She joins me to discuss how to differentiate our work with teachers.

During this episode of The Coaching Podcast, Dr. Kise talks about the four different coaching styles she identified based on personality patterns. She shares how personality traits influence the way coaches and teachers learn and think. We also discuss how coaches can use this information to appeal to different teachers and how to make sure no personality type is left out. This episode is packed with information and strategies to help you understand and reach all the distinct personality styles on your teaching team.

Topics and Questions Discussed in Episode 124 – Differentiating Coaching Cycles

  • How different coaching styles think and learn
  • Roadblocks for each of the coaching styles
  • Why understanding distinct personality traits gives us new respect for each other and makes for stronger collaborations
  • Creating a common language by learning about personality types
  • Framing the coaching cycle to appeal to each personality type so they’re interested in working with you
  • Using what we know about personalities to form collaborative partnerships
  • How knowing a teacher’s personality type can help coaches support them and the needs of their students
  • Making sure no personality type is left out all the time when coaching teachers or teaching students
  • Ideas for ensuring kids learn in their unique way while still addressing the standards

I hope you enjoy this episode and learn as much as I did about differentiating the coaching cycle. Happy Coaching!

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