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Mental Health and Mindfulness with Celeste Nevarez, Ep. 47 Buzzing with Ms. B: The Coaching Podcast

There will always be challenges, but when we are depleted, life hits us harder. My friend Celeste Nevarez, a licensed professional counselor supervisor, joins me on the podcast to talk about mindfulness and how we can use it to support our work as Instructional Coaches.  She shares what "unapologetic self-indulgence" is and how you can replenish yourself even in difficult times. Listen here!
You’re not alone if you’re having trouble focusing and avoiding distractions. A lot is going on in the world. Many people are feeling worn out.
My friend Celeste Nevarez, a licensed professional counselor supervisor, joins me on the podcast. We talk about mindfulness and how it can help support our work as instructional coaches.
Celeste and I discussed how taking time for yourself builds up a bank you can tap into when things get stressful. She explains why “”unapologetic self-indulgence”” is so important.
We also chat about how mindfulness with the family can help you feel supported since we’re at home more these days. I also share my favorite meditation app that you can use even if you only have 3 minutes to spare.

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