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Developing Curriculum Collaboratively with Crystal Ceresani, Ep. 38: The Coaching Podcast

 Collaborating to create curriculum is a challenge for instructional coaches. In this episode, Crystal Ceresani of The Sparkly Notebook shares her process with us from start to finish! Learn about how she prepares for a planning session, what logistics work for her and for my teachers, too, the norms and expectations that are really important for collaboration, how she uses data and assessments, and what true buy-in looks like!
Have you worked with a team of teachers to write curriculum and lesson plans?
Was it a success or did it leave you feeling like you were an utter failure?
Planning together can be difficult especially when it’s something new to you and your teachers. However, you can learn how to develop curriculum with teams of teachers by tuning into Buzzing with Ms. B the Coaching Podcast Episode 389 where I will talk to Crystal Ceresani.
Crystal Ceresani is the brains behind the Sparkly Notebook and has been in education for the last 12 years. In this episode, she shares her process for collaborative planning!
Here’s a sneak peek. To get the whole process, listen to the episode! Before you start your curriculum planning, you have to make sure there is a plan in place. What is your plan? What will your PLC look like? What are we hoping to get done? How much time are we going to need?
All of these questions should be answered before you plan your meeting.
It’s all about the logistics behind planning a meeting. Both Crystal and I have great ideas as to how to set your meetings up logistically. Check out Episode 38 to hear both options!
When talking about curriculum planning, it can be difficult to get started. One of the best ways to get going is to make sure everyone is on the same page. Crystal and I talk about how to make sure everyone is prepared and knows the drill before walking into the meeting.
If you don’t have expectations, nothing is going to get done! You can hear how to set goals and make sure they are met by tuning into all of Episode 38. Bonus! You will score a great resource!
Once you have a culture of learning in place, you can start building content knowledge and language. If you and your teachers are not using the same language, it is going to be even harder to create good plans because good communication isn’t taking place. This step is vital especially as new curriculum and new standards are rolled out.
Planning is only half the battle. Once you plan, you have to make sure it’s a plan that works! Check in on your teacher! Be open to modeling and stepping in if they need a helping hand. You can hear more about how that looks in the classroom by tuning in! Until then, Happy Coaching!

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Podcast produced by Fernie Ceniceros

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