Guided Reading Miniseries

I’m going to say two words. I want you to listen to them and think about your honest reaction. 
Guided reading.
Ok, what happened? How did you feel? Calm? Nervous? Frustrated? Agreeable?

If you’re already using guided reading as a regular practice in your classroom, great! This series will help you continue to try out new things to grow your readers! If you’re not, then you’re in the exact right spot. This series will help you get started with confidence!

Be sure to check back every Sunday for these informative posts. I promise you won’t be disappointed. I included lots of information and tips to help you get rolling or to spice up your guided reading!
September 24: Getting to Know Your Readers First
October 1: What Are the Other Kids Doing?
October 8: Organizing Your Guided Reading Binder
October 15: Preparing Your Space for Guided Reading
October 22: Planning for Guided Reading
October 29: How Do I Know What to Teach?
November 7: Monitoring Progress in Guided Reading
November 12: How to Build Reading Strategies
November 19: Guided Reading: Make it Fun!



Grab the All-in-One Guided Reading Materials (over 100 pages of tools, forms, organizational strategies, and more for guided reading K-5)!


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