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Hats off to a New Year Craftivity, Bulletin Board, and Freebie

I love winter break. I can stay up as late as I want, and when I know I can stay up till two thirty, I seem to get more done during the day. I’m a night owl. I’m envious of people who are morning people but my natural time clock says stay up till two thirty and sleep till eleven. 
That’s so not going to fly next week when I go back to work. 
Maybe I should make getting up early one of my New Year’s resolutions. 
Ehhhhhhh nope.
Tonight in my keyboarding frenzy (with a glass full of chocolate vodka – thanks, Mom for the gift- and Dexter on Netflix) I worked and worked on a cute idea I had for a bulletin board display to help kids think about their goals and resolutions for the upcoming year! 

For only 2.00 at my TPT store, you get materials for the craftivity and a bulletin board display!
And if you’d like a little taste in the form of a freebie, check out my Countdown to New Year’s Goals freebie on TPT

Happy third day of January!
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