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Book of the Month: Ruby’s Wish

Why did I spend half an hour making Chinese lanterns out of construction paper?

Because this month, our school-wide Book of the Month is Ruby’s Wish! 

Ruby’s Wish is a great story about a little girl who lives in China in the past. She is part of a large family with many, many children. The boys in the family are treated specially and allowed to go to school with no other responsibilities. But Ruby wants to go to school, too! She shows her grandfather how much she wants to go. I always get choked up at the end, even when I read it to the teachers (so embarrassing). 
So this month, to display the Book of the Month, this is the bulletin board I put together.
The curtains and the “introducing…” part are always up for the Book of the Month board, but we change out the cover and the other materials on the board with each new book. This time, I opted for some fun facts about Chinese New Year (which Ruby celebrates in the book. 
I decorated each fact with adorable clipart from Creative Clips
And I learned to make the Chinese lanterns from this TPT freebie from First Grade Hip Hip Hooray!

Will you teach your kids about Chinese New Year this year? What will you do?

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