Ms. B is on Facebook

Okay, I finally bit the bullet.

I mean, I have a personal facebook, but everybody seems to be setting up a facebook to talk about their blog and promote it.
But I think I felt like I would have one fan. Me. 

You notice I didn’t say ‘my mom.’ That’s because my mom doesn’t really follow my blog. The first time I posted, I made her read it. She said, “I like it. You sound smart. If I had a kid in your class, I’d think you were smart. I’m impressed you can do that. I’m never going to read it again.” 
I’m not exaggerating.

So I’m really putting myself out there. 
This translates to Please follow me on Facebook so I’m not my only Fan!

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  1. I am really considering getting on "THE FACEBOOK" (that's what my mom calls it)
    She has an acct. I don't. Not even a personal one….Am I the last person on earth???
    As soon as I start one, I will def follow you, or like you, or like to follow you…you get it, right?
    And I love your mom's honesty:)

    Going Nutty!

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