Turkeys in Disguise! Library Contest & Book Project

You’ve probably seen turkeys in disguise all over the internet – they’re a fun way to get kids to be creative and clever! We used this fun idea to get kids engaged in reading and in a school event!

We decided to host a Turkey in Disguise Library Contest! We posted signs around the school to let kids know about the contest.

The rules were that kids had to use the turkey template provided to disguise their turkey as a character from a book they enjoy.

They could have parental help (and many did – it’s a great way to encourage kids and parents to work together on a fun task!).

Then we made a stack of turkey templates on cardstock (with an entry form on the back) and a flyer with the due date and directions.

And we were astounded by how adorable the entries were! So much that I wanted to share them with you on the blog!

If you’re interested in using this fun idea as a book project or as a contest, you can grab an editable version on TpT! It also includes the Gingerbread Man in Disguise, Disguise a Snowman, Disguise a Bunny, Pumpkin-in-Disguise, and Design a Bookmark! Keep kids engaged and creative all year!


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