Guest blogger: Casey from Second Grade Math Maniac

Two days till my birthday, people. Two days. Until then, I’m out out the clear blue sea, sitting by lovely water, drinking tasty drinks with little umbrellas, and using a crowbar to pry my hunnybun out of our cabin and away from the TV.

Unless you have seen otherwise on the news. Keep in mind, I scheduled these posts in advance, and it is entirely possible that, at this point, I am being held hostage by pirates, gallantly fencing them with a ruler with one hand, and holding a paper bag for my hunny to hyperventilate into with the other. Or I could be bobbing along on a small orange floatie in the middle of big blue ocean, signaling for passing planes with my hand mirror. You may know things about me now that I didn’t know then.

Given that I’m potentially experiencing these high levels of trauma, I am incredibly thankful for Casey at Second Grade Math Maniac. She’s written an awesome (and fun) post  that is sure to be useful to you with your new naughties next year.

Hi all! This is Casey from Second Grade Math Maniac! Thanks Chrissy for letting me guest post today! 🙂 

Do you ever feel like this?:

You were supposed to imagine that you were the teacher in this scenario. I know that this is how my students feel some days. Well, before I worked as a teacher I worked for this amazing organization:

Let me just say that almost EVERYTHING I know about classroom management I learned from the Y. It was an AWESOME experience and something that I would HIGHLY recommend for a teen who may want to become a teacher one day. 

One thing I learned from the Y that I use on a DAILY basis are “Attention Getters”. These are cute call and response phrases that let the students know you are about to say something important.
I use them both during instructional AND non-instructional blocks. They save me a lot of time and help my classroom have an atmosphere that encourages fun. I have used these phrases with kids ages 4 – 12 and they are effective with ALL age groups.

These work better for me than Give Me 5, 1,2,3 Eyes on Me, Class . . . Yes, or any other tactic I have tried. You have to use something that the kids WANT to respond to. 
Every kid wants to shout out Noodle Soup, and that’s the truth.
Happy Blogging. 🙂


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