I am so excited! I have never blogged before! I am trying to get started and my boyfriend is sitting next to me, watching Fringe. Instead of being supportive, he is chuckling madly, asking, “You named it Buzzing with Ms. B? Really?” I calmly informed him that I was SUPER excited to start blogging after addictively browsing through other teacher blogs for the past couple weeks. “Yes,” he said, “But why ‘Buzzing with Ms. B?'” “Because bees are cute and they’re my favorite,” I responded. “Because my classroom is full of bees and I keep looking for more ideas to make it more full of bees!” “Because you’re crazy,” he said. 

This, unfortunately, is not contestable. I probably am crazy. Why, when I am already staying at school every day until 5:30 or 6:00…or 6:30 (when I’m feeling extra crazy), would I decide to add more responsibility for myself and start a blog? Because it’s so darn cute! Because I’ve been glued to Amy Lemons’ blog for a few weeks since my second-grade friend introduced me to it, and because now all I want to do ever is look at cute teacher stuff! So now I’m stuck. I’m blogging, or trying to, anyway, and we’ll just see how it goes.

This is Fernie and I at our district’s 50s themed Teacher of the Year banquet in May of 2011.

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  1. You are most absolutely crazy! Even a tad on the nutty side, but you are also creative, brilliant and inspiring…so go for it and share your knowledge with the world. I'm going to feel like a total "donkey" on Monday sharing this writing stuff!!

  2. Don't be ri"donk"ulous Lisa!!! Chrissy, have you watched Julie and Julia???? Addicted to blogging she was!!! This is great! Another OCD issue to add to the list. I'm sure we'll be in for a multitude of great ideas from you!

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