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Math Stations Freebies!

Well, the luster of my first post has worn off, and I have spent all early afternoon playing with my header image and customizing fonts and colors (as I mentioned previously, due to my addictive personality). I am clearly going to cause myself issues because of this.

So I have the Real Housewives playing in the background (something that requires no attention at all), and I am preparing myself to post about content. After viewing everyone’s super cute stuff, I took my boring-looking math stations (only three at this point) and made them cuter! All of my stuff is bee themed, because bees are my favorite. So I bee-d them up a little and am sharing them with you now!

I use them in Smart Pals (they’re clear pockets – you can place a paper inside and write on them with dry erase markers) but you can just have multiple copies. The Comparing Numbers station requires dice, the Addition station requires cards with single digit numbers on them, and the Subtraction station requires large and small number cards (included in the printable station).

If you download them, please leave me a comment! Thanks! 🙂


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