Preparing for an instructional coaching interview, The Coaching Podcast Episode 21

Are you trying to become an instructional coach, or wanting to make a move to a new school?     This episode will help you prepare for your instructional coaching interview!    Learn about how to show up and the kinds of things you should think about to be prepared for in order to rock your interview.     I talk about my number one tip, eight different topics that administration and principals might ask about, and questions to ask your interviewer in order to decide if the school is a good fit for you!  
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Are you a new coach or a coach looking to make a change?
Then an interview is hopefully in your future! How can you ensure a successful fit for you and the school you’re interviewing at?
Here are a few tips to make ensure your next school is a great fit for you, and you’re a great fit for them.

To start, always be yourself! I know this sounds like cheesy advice, but it’s so true!

Are you funny? Be funny!
Are you creative? Show it!
If you portray something that’s not a true picture of who you are, that’s false advertising which might lead to a bad match. You want both you and your new school to be happy!
You also want to be prepared to answer specific questions. With the questions, you’ll want to know about important practices such as reader’s workshop, the 5 E Model, and Culturally Responsive Teaching.

In the episode, I share examples of questions you may encounter, so listen in to the whole thing!

Beyond being yourself and knowing coaching questions, you’ll want to market yourself as a personable leader! First, building relationships is a huge part of coaching! Talk about how you plan to get teachers to buy into what you are selling and where you’ll keep your resources.
As far as being a leader, show your skills! Any leadership roles you have taken on from mentoring, being a team leader, or even working on a curriculum committee can be super beneficial to you!  By checking out Buzzing with Ms. B Episode 21 and learning all the tips and tricks to a great interview.
Last, but certainly not least, be prepared to ask questions! You want to make sure the school is a good fit for you just like the school wants to make sure you are a good fit for them. Ask questions about your roles, your responsibilities, and how they expect you to spend your time.
Interviewing can be stressful especially if you are new to the coaching world. These are just a few of the great tips I have for interviewing. Want to hear more tips and tricks PLUS get the inside scoop on some free resources? Check out the full episode of Buzzing with Ms. B The Coaching Podcast! Happy Coaching!

Learn more
Helpful resources 
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The Instructional Coaching Start-Up Guide

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