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Planning Purposeful PD: A Coaching Call with Kristi Rice, Ep. 113 Buzzing with Ms. B: The Coaching Podcast

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Do you need help planning purposeful PD? On episode 113, I have a coaching call with first-year coach Kristi Rice. We do some problem-solving around the best ways to create meaningful professional development for her teachers.

Kristi and I chat about how to get started as a new instructional coach and the challenges with planning PD. We discuss how to tier PDs and PLCs, ways to overcome objections from teachers, and ideas for making PD more purposeful.

During the episode, we also talk about creating a schedule and balancing her time as a coach. Since Kristi was a teacher at her school before becoming a coach, the teachers there seek her out for support. While this is a great problem to have, she needs to be thoughtful about how she uses her time and make sure she gets everything done. I offer a few ideas for managing her time that any instructional coach can try.

We finish our conversation by talking about modeling, making thinking visible, and how to encourage teachers to share what they’ve learned with each other. This episode of The Coaching Podcast is packed with tips to help you plan purposeful PD sessions,

Topics and Questions Discussed in Episode 113 – Planning Purposeful PD: A Coaching Call with Kristi Rice

  • Common challenges when planning professional development
  • Planning purposeful PD – where to start and how to do it
  • Using surveys to find out what teachers need
  • How to say no
  • Keeping a record of what teachers are asking
  • How to tier PD & PLC
  • Overcoming teacher’s objections
  • PD ideas for guided reading
  • Creating a document with question stems and standards side by side
  • Helping students connect learning in the classroom with questions on the state test
  • PD ideas
  • Using mentor text baskets for planning
  • Planning for PLCs
  • Ideas for scheduling coverage for PLCs
  • Looking at student data and reverse engineering planning
  • Asking teachers to bring materials to professional development sessions
  • Facilitating more and leading less
  • Encouraging teachers to share a sample of something they did as a result of a past PD
  • Strategies to help teachers figure out what’s most important and how to fit it in
  • Modeling for teachers
  • Making thinking visible to teachers and students

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