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Inquiry as a Framework for Leadership and Learning with Jessica Vance, Ep. 112 Buzzing with Ms. B: The Coaching Podcast

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How can coaches use the inquiry process to enhance student and teacher learning?

In this episode of The Coaching Podcast, author Jessica Vance joins me to discuss using inquiry as a framework for leadership and learning. Her book, Leading with a Lens of Inquiry, explores how to nurture inquiry-based learning spaces that promote curiosity, thinking skills, and creativity.

During the show, we explore the inquiry process, what it looks like in action and ideas for inquiry-based professional learning. Jessica and I discuss creating time for teacher collaboration, rich conversations, and reflection.

Get ideas for making thinking visible, using a learning wall, and adapting inquiry used with students to adult learners. Listen now to learn how to get started using the inquiry process with your teachers today! This is a great conversation for coaches and school leaders who want to learn more about inquiry-based learning for children and adults.

Topics and Questions Discussed in Episode 112 – Inquiry as a Framework for Leadership and Learning with Jessica Vance

  • Using inquiry with teachers
  • The inquiry process
  • Setting up inquiry-based learning spaces
  • Making connections with teachers
  • Ideas for inquiry and play-based PD
  • Inquiry with students in the classroom
  • Different inquiry models and what she uses right now
  • Misconceptions and challenges when using the inquiry model with educators
  • Creating time for teacher collaboration, rich conversations, and reflection
  • Learning walks
  • Making thinking visible for teachers
  • Using a learning wall to help teachers make connections and anchor learning
  • Adapting the inquiry cycle used with kids to adult learners
  • Modeling inquiry with questions and curiosity as a leader
  • Using sentence stems and question frames with teachers
  • Gathering evidence of learning
  • How to get started using inquiry with teachers

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