Tyrion Tuesday? Game of Thrones Episode Five

Ok, so sue me. I didn’t blog about episode four. See, I didn’t think anyone was really reading the posts! So I stopped writing them. And I guess that was lame and it broke blog rule #1: Write even though no one reads it. So I’m writing about episode five.
I’m going to keep it simple. This is what I have to say:

That’s about it, really. 
Ok, down to the nitty gritty.  
Petyr & Sansa
There were about three minutes where I actually felt sorry for Petyr Balish. That’s it, though. Once he started up with his, “half brother,” nonsense, I struck him off the list again. Who does he think he is to give advice to Sansa about being wary of someone? Seriously?!
Tormund & Brienne: A Love Story
Please tell me you love it when Tormund makes eyes at Brienne? I do. It cracks me up every time. He’s so goofy, and actually a pretty decent guy. Where will this go? I think he’ll wear her down with his wildling charm eventually.

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I like the way Brienne talked about Jon Snow, too. “A bit brooding, but I suppose it’s understandable under the circumstances.” Yes, Brienne. WE LIKE HIM BROODING!  
Yara & Theon
And then there’s a pretty good scene where Yara looks soooooo tough and king-ly, but the men of Pyke would rather have a murderous psycho as a king, so she and Theon take off on the best ships. I want to know where they’re heading. Will they preempt Euron and head to Daenerys? Will they just circle Planetos until they die? What will they do? 
Jorah and Daenerys: touching. I am wondering, though: if Jorah touches the greyscale with his other hand, does it spread there? I feel like it would… But I also find it hard to believe that Jorah has managed to avoid touching his arm at all since he acquired the greyscale, so… I don’t know.
The worst part ever
Of course, at the end of the episode, there’s the worst scene ever. Hodor. Hold-the-door Hodor. Honestly, I couldn’t even sleep after I saw it! It was incredibly depressing! Hodor was one of two completely decent people on GoT. Obviously, I am referring to Pod. I suppose you might count Brienne as a third. So Hodor is 1/3 of the decent people on GoT. And he’s D-E-A-D! And he died such an ugly death! Boo.


To distract myself, I hunted around for interesting GoT theories online to see if anyone had come up with anything new. I had this conversation with a friend after the episode, via text. I sent him a very thoughtful theory and then this happened.
Me: So I’ve been thinking maybe Meera Reed might be Jon’s twin after all. Howland Reed was with Ned at the Tower of Joy, and maybe he took the girl baby and Ned took the boy, and passed them both off as their own.
George: Hodor.
Me: Hahahahahaha
George: Hodor, Hodor.
Me: Is this how you’re going to pay homage? It’s like a vow of silence….only Hodor.
George: Hodor 🙁
Me: That’s deep.
George: Hodor. 
So I guess that’s all there really is to say. 

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