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Grandpa Green! Our first Book of the Month

To encourage the love of reading campus-wide, our campus purchases a Book of the Month for each teacher. It’s actually the Book of Every Two Months, but that sounds pretty lame. This year, we have several juicy reads lined up for our kids to respond to as a whole school!

In the main hallway, I put up (with the help of my buddy, Sylvia) a cute, simple bulletin board to display the current book of the month. Across from that board, there are some glass-doored display cases. Each time we have a new book, a grade level is responsible for filling the display cases (and there are a lot of them) with their students’ responses or projects about the book!

I need to figure out some more stuff to put on that board. There’s kind of a lot of empty space!
Across the bottom, I have the months we are releasing books. Every time we release a new book, we’ll add the old one to the bottom.

Our first Book of the Month is Grandpa Green. This book is so charmingly simple, but surprisingly complex! One of the great things about Grandpa Green is that it comes in English and Spanish (El Jardin de Abuelo).

Here’s my Book of the Month letter to the teachers.
Maybe you can add Grandpa Green to your collection!

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  1. My grade level team is also focusing on teaching fiction strategies with great pictures books. I'm a major lover of children's novels, and am just starting to really look around for those great interactive read alouds.

    I'd love if you keep updating the books your school is using! Did you do this last year? What were some of your favorites?

  2. Roxarita,

    I'm not sure how this comment escaped me! These are the titles we're using this year:
    Grandpa Green
    The Miraculous Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore
    Ruby's Wish
    One TIny Turtle

    Last year, we used
    My Name is Not Alexander and My Name is Not Isabella

    and several other titles that escape me!

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