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Read Across America Week: Celebrating Dr. Seuss with Style!

This past week, my school celebrated Read Across America with special dress-up opportunities each day. 

So on the morning of the first day of our Read Across America Week celebration, and at home, I remembered reading that it was crazy/mismatched socks day!  I grabbed a polka-dotted red sock and an argyle pink sock and I put them on. I put on my shoes and cuffed my khakis to really show off my crazy socks. 
I got out of the car and started walking toward the school building through the parking lot. It was at this point I started looking for other crazy socks – I checked the kids, I checked the teachers, I checked every pair of ankles for some crazy socks.
And I didn’t see any! I started to get a little self-conscious about my socks. And I started to get a LOT self-conscious about my cuffed khakis.
And I started to wonder if today was crazy sock day at all!
I finally made it to my room and texted my librarian, “It IS crazy sock day, right?!”
No reply.
Now I started to feel pretty silly in my silly socks.
Until I saw the kindergartner. She had on silly socks and silly shoes – blue and green sock on one foot, and pink and orange sock on the other. Whew.
So I was celebrating crazy sock day on the right day. It’s just that everybody else (except for me and the kindergartner) is lame.
I was feeling vindicated about my socks, and so I told my story to one of the special education teachers. He sheepishly said, “Umm….so was it JUST crazy sock day? Because… I wore two different shoes.” I looked at his feet and sure enough, he had on a black one and a brown one. “Don’t worry,” I said. “It’s Crazy Sock & Shoe Day!” and he was relieved. I know the feeling.
Anyway, Monday was Crazy Sock & Shoe Day.

Tuesday was Wear Stripes!

So I had to really hunt in my closet for something with stripes – I tend to avoid horizontal stripes because I don’t want to look like a watermelon. It’s a fine line.

Wednesday was Pajama Day (YESSSSS!)
It was a little awkward, because we had a half-day, and I had to give a training in the afternoon. It’s hard to train in slippers.

Don’t you love the Lorax background? Our principal made it, entirely out of fabric! The puffs on top of the truffula trees are tulle!
Thursday was Crazy Hair or Hat Day!
This is as crazy as it gets.

And Friday is wear red – this is the day we have our guest readers. We don’t want to have too much weird stuff going on or they might not come back.
But we were able to buy these adorable Dr. Seuss shirts to wear on this day! I LOVE my shirt!

  This was a fun week. I had a blast. And by Friday I was DEAD tired. 
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