Monday Made (too much of) It! Kale Chips.

So I have been off for about three days and I think I’ve made excellent use of my time.
I already told you about how I painted the grout in my bathroom. I love it so much. I just go sit there and look at it and think about how nice it looks.

I mean, I would be spending some time in there anyway, but now, I’m enjoying it.

I’ve also watched the entire first season of Wilfred. It’s dark and twisted and I like it.

In addition to these outstanding accomplishments, I’ve been trying to eat better. (This doesn’t count Sunday, which was Father’s Day, because that’s a holiday and holiday foods don’t count. That includes my tasty Village Inn breakfast of eggs, cheese, and various breakfast meats, nachos at my grandfather’s house, and the bratwurst on the grill we made for my dad. Whew! Good thing it was a holiday!)

I have, though, been eating better the past couple days. I made myself a smoothie thing but it came out a little gloppy. I drank it anyway, but I have a feeling it’s supposed to be a little smoother. But this isn’t what I’m sharing about for my…

Then I hunted all over pinterest for some tasty and better-for-me things I could make to snack on during the day. And I happened on… kale chips!

This is my kale adventure.

I had never purchased kale before. I’ve heard lots about it. “It’s a superfood.” “It’s so good for you.” “It really helped me control my diet.” What I hadn’t heard was, “You can make it into chips.”
CHIPS? Yes, please.

So when I hit Wal-Mart for my SUMMER IS STARTING shopping spree, I added to my cart a giant bag o’ kale. And then I got it home, and I looked at it and thought, “Now what do I do with you?”
After about an hour of pinning (I started out looking at kale and ended up pinning things like “sexy shoes”, “my patronus is a bookworm”, and “pretty wedding hair”) I settled on this recipe I found at Carla’s Confections.

But I never quite do things as I’m told. Mostly because I’m impatient and pretty lazy. So this is what I did:
I poured some olive oil in a large plastic zipper bag and dumped a bunch of kale in it. I tossed it around and poured the kale onto the pan.  I turned my oven to 275. Then I stuck the pan in and set the timer for thirty minutes.

After fifteen minutes, I looked in the oven and the kale was still squishy. Probably because it had only been fifteen minutes and I was supposed to leave it in for, like, forty. But I got impatient because I really really really wanted some kale chips, which I’d never tried before, but I assumed I really wanted them because they have the word ‘chips’ in their name. So I turned up the heat to 325 and set the timer for ten more minutes.

After ten more minutes, I went back in the kitchen and poked my head in the oven and they were kind of starting to look done-ish but not quite, so I set the timer for five more minutes.
When the timer went off, I went in and took the pan out of the oven and saw that I’d kind of burned up half of the kale. 

So I took the pan and poured the kale chips/ashes into a bowl and I started over again, pouring olive oil in a bag and filling it with kale (it was a really enormous bag) and tossing the kale in it. Then I stuck it into the oven at 425, because I’d found another pin that said 425 was a good temperature to bake kale at. I set the timer for twenty minutes. 

Then I took the bowl of kale ashes & chips and salted it.

And I ate it all.

So then I went back into the kitchen after twenty minutes and took out the kale that I’d baked at 425. Aaaaannnndd…

it was also kind of ashes-y and a little oily.

So I turned the oven down to 275 and poured a very very small amount of olive oil into a large plastic zipper bag and dumped some kale in and tossed it around. Then I put it onto a pan (again) and put it into the oven. And I left it in there for thirty minutes. During this time, I ate a second bowl of kale ashes and olive oil.

When the timer went off, I took out the third pan of kale and dumped it into a bowl. 

And I ate it all.
So all in all, I ate three pans of kale chips and ashes. It was pretty tasty by the third time around. Kind of like broccoli but crispy. So I would recommend it. But I would NOT recommend eating three pans of it in one day. I do NOT want to tell you the consequences of consuming that much kale in such a short time. Let’s just say I’ve had plenty of time to appreciate my excellent grout-painting. 
I’ll give you a minute to think about that…
Make sure to link up with Monday Made It with Fourth Grade Frolics! Very fun.

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  1. Bahahahaha! Sooo funny! I've had pre-made kale chips but I'll have to try making my own…only I think I need to find another recipe because yours doesn't seem quite perfect! LOL!!

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