On the third day of Christmas, Ms. B gave to me…

On the third day of Christmas, Ms. B gave to me…another embarrassing story!
Embarrassing Story

It was my first Christmas in my own house, and I had invited my friends over for a Christmas party! I had bunches of people over – mostly my teacher-friends, and I was excited to have covered my house from top to bottom with garland. We had a nice evening and, upon teacher-request, I made a pot of coffee.
I am a big coffee drinker. I like my coffee a la Marilyn. Blonde and Sweet. But I use sweet’n’low. So to serve such a demanding coffee population, I had gathered up a few options from my mom’s house. I had a little baggie of sugar and a little baggie of splenda.
I poured a cup of coffee for me, and one for my friend’s husband, Mike and dressed them up with creamer and splenda. As I walked back to the den, Mike said, “Uh, Chrissy. This coffee is…bad.” What do you mean? I asked. “It just tastes…bad.” I took a sip. Yup. Bad. Very bad. Bad like acrid bitter coffee. It had a flat, yucky flavor. 
My brain went nuts. Can coffee go bad? Can splenda go bad? Was it my coffee maker? It was kind of old. What if there was something in the bottom of the mug? What if I poisoned Mike?!
I tasted my coffee. Gross. I tasted coffee directly from the pot. Ok. I tasted the creamer. Fine. I tasted the splenda.
I turned out, I had made myself three little baggies. One of sugar, one of splenda, and one of kosher salt, and I’d been ‘sweetening’ everyone’s coffee with the latter!
Mystery solved. Coffee re-poured. Party ensued.

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