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Build Fluency and Fun with Christmas Partner Plays!

The first day of December, my kids used to walk into class, excitedly exclaiming, “It’s CHRISTMAS!”

This was hilarious. It was not Christmas. It wasn’t even winter yet. We were still eating leftover turkey, and my kids couldn’t stop talking about the next big thing: Christmas.

And I decided to capitalize on this. One of my ongoing goals as an upper elementary teacher was to grow students’ fluency.

And then I realized: I needed to write my own. I began writing partner plays to address different seasons and holidays!

Some holidays were easier than others. Christmas, for example, is abounding with ideas! In my Christmas Partner Plays, you meet Santa, Rudolph, talking ornaments, some very excited elves, and a couple of bells hanging out downtown.

The best part? Teachers who’ve used the plays have told me that their kids can’t get enough! They actually ask for more fluency reading! *sniff* I guess my budding career as a writer has begun!

Check out the video I made with my third grade buddy – I promise you, it’s pretty cute.

And grab your set of Christmas Partner Plays on TPT! Great for grades 2 – 4! Monday & Tuesday, November 28 & 29, the plays are on sale for only $2.60! Fill up your cart today, and get them for a great low price tomorrow!

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