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Poetry Stations & Scavenger Hunt *Freebie

I think my posts will be brief until I get this splinty thing off my pinkie and no longer have a giant ringkie finger that gets in the way and keeps pushing letters and does NOT help me capitalize things with the shift key and just generally hurts because I can’t rest it on anything.
But I really really wanted to share this activity we’re doing to review poetry. 

This week, the kids are working in poetry stations to review the characteristics of poetry. We read a poem for shared reading and spent some time identifying important ideas and language in the poem. There are four stations for students to rotate through. Each station includes a matching activity and Test-like questions to practice the skill. I work with kids when they reach the most difficult station (station 2, this time). We analyzed a practice test to see where they were struggling. After we stopped crying, we created stations to address the worst of these areas.

These are the four stations:

1. Word Work. Matching activity: match synonyms and antonyms to words in the poem. Questions: context clues, synonyms, and antonyms.

2. Making inferences. Matching activity: statements from the poem to conclusions/inferences you can make. Questions: The reader can tell… type questions, and questions about why the author chose to include certain lines/stanzas.

3.  Features/Characteristics of poetry. Matching activity: match words like, “stanza” and “line” to examples from the poem. Questions: using features of the poem to answer questions.

4. Figurative Language. Matching activity: match lines from the poem to two things: the poet included this line to show… and this line means… Questions: interpreting figurative language. 

I know this is vague… I can probably clean up the files a little to show you sometime – but typing hurts. waaah.

Anyway, this is the freebie for you: if the kids finish their station early, they can work on the poetry scavenger hunt below. I included two levels to make it useful for different grades. Grab it for free at TPT or Teacher’s Notebook.

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