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Fractions Foldable Freebie!

Awww, look at my title. I heart alliteration.

It’s nice to know we all feel similarly about testing. 
The word to describe the feeling shall not be written here, but you know what it is. (There are actually more than one. I think George Carlin said seven)

We have been working away with identifying fractions and applying that in different contexts. Yesterday, we worked with fractional parts of a dollar, and since we made this simple foldable, I decided to link up with for Corkboard Connections her foldable linky party!

We took a piece of green construction paper and cut it in half. Each student had two pieces. Then we made it into a flap book and added the outside labels. I included half-dollars, quarters, and dimes.

On the inside, we cut between the coins to make flaps. For the quarter, for example, there were four flaps; one for each quarter.

We wrote the fractional part of a dollar that each coin represented, identified the value in cents, and named the coin.

We put it into the fractions section of our math notebooks. On the output side, we added a few statements identifying the fractional parts various coins represent.

Grab the this instruction page and the labels from TPT or Teacher’s Notebook for free!

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