How’d you meet your hunny?! Linky Party!!

Ahh, the season of love.

Or looooooove, as I hear it in my head.

This season is love for double reasons.
#1 is obviously Valentine’s Day.
#2 is it’s my hunnybun’s birthday on the day before Valentine’s Day.

Awwww loooooove.

I think I’ve already mentioned that, when we first met, he thought this meant that we didn’t have to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Don’t worry. We fixed that up right quick.

Anyway, I’m kind of nosy when it comes to this love stuff.

I want to know everybody’s business.
So I’m gonna be brave.
I figure, I should get the ball rolling by sharing a story first, and then,
if you’re very very nice
and don’t want me to develop a blog complex
about being the only one at my linky party
you’ll link up, too
and tell us
ok, mostly me…

Now, I want to be fair.
I didn’t have a hunny for a loooong time.
I spent my fair share of evenings drinking wine
eating frosting (I know. Counterproductive to catching a man)
and watching Bridget Jones.
So I get it.
If you don’t currently have a hunny,
you can write about how you would LIKE to meet your hunny,
which means you can write whatever fantasy you’d like.

Cause if I was writing that post,
it definitely wouldn’t go like this:

I’ve worked for my school district for 9 years.
A few years ago, my campus had a disaster.
By that I mean there was mold.
In the campus.
On everything.
In the air.
In the library.
It ruined ALL the books in the WHOLE library
and damaged LOTS of stuff in the WHOLE school.
My school had to be bused every day across town to a vacant old school building
that was gross
and didn’t have anything in it
and that was our home for a year.

To make an incredibly long story short
I wasn’t too happy.
Nobody was.
And then-
worse news
we were going to have to move classrooms again.

I had it.
So I went and spoke at a board meeting.
I wasn’t very nice
but I wasn’t that mean either
but it got the job done
because other people heard and helped us
and we didn’t have to move again.
I wasn’t a favorite in the public relations office,
but then,
I could live with that.

Well, two months later, my friend nagged me into setting up a Yahoo! personal profile.
I know.
Ew, some say.
But it was kind of fun.
‘Something to do’ as my mother would say.
So I did it
and started checking out some dudes online.
I ‘winked’ at this cute guy
who looked like Fred Flintstone
and said he worked for my district, in multimedia.

Multimedia, I thought.
Instructional Technology Department, probably.

A week went by.
A week!
I was seeing other guys from the site, but they were pretty lame boring weird much not for me.
Finally, he responded!
First we just emailed,
but finally,
when he manned up and called,
when his brother made him do it
we got to talking on the phone. He said,
“You know, I see so many teachers. I’m surprised we’ve never met.”

Taking a long shot, I said,
“Well, do you remember that teacher from ___fill in school name___ who came and spoke at the board meeting?”

“YEAH! The crazy who ripped everybody a new *%&hole?”he said, in an animated tone.


“Yes. That was me,” I said, charitably.


“Ah. Well……then I do remember you,” he pathetically responded. “I work in public relations. We recorded it. My boss isn’t too crazy about you.”


Later, I was able to ask this man,
who would eventually be my hunnybun,
“What did you think when you called me a crazy?”
He said, “Open mouth. Insert foot. I was mostly just relieved that you didn’t get upset.”

Of course I didn’t get upset. I knew I looked like a crazy.
People who stick up for kids always do.

Anyway, we set a time to meet
three years ago
in a Village Inn
and fell in
Now I’m working on step 2.
You know,
the bling.

But anyway, that’s How I Met My Hunny.

All right!
I spilled the embarrassing beans!
And keep in mind, this is my first linky party
and I’m having anxiety about it.

And if this thing doesn’t work, please tell me! πŸ™‚


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  1. What a cute story!!! I will link up as soon as I can figure out how to make my super boring love story more exciting!!! πŸ™‚ Hope you are having a great weekend!!!!

  2. I love love love your story! And I will tell mine on WEDNESDAY. I already posted today and I don't want the Blog Police after me and then, of course, tomorrow is Talk About it Tuesday. But I promise to join your party!!!
    I love your story!!!!! GET THAT BLING!!! πŸ™‚
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  3. I LOOOOVE your story and your pizzaz at the board meeting! WAY TO GO! I already posted twice today so I will link up tomorrow. Remind me if I forget. =) Now should I tell you the nice story of how we met or how I tortured my hubby prior to finally agreeing to date him….

    Misty @
    Think, Teach, & Wonder

  4. =) Glad you found yours!!! I met mine 5 years ago, and am still waiting on the bling! Quick question, do you refer to your hunny to your students, and if so, what do you call him? Since he's not a hubby or a fiance? I HATE the word boyfriend at my age!!

  5. I love blogs (thought about starting my own but NO IDEA where to start!!) I met my husband when I had to move to a primary K-2 building . . . .he was the custodian in my new building. We have new been together for almost 10 years!

  6. I completely get you – I think it's weird to say boyfriend too. For a couple years, I didn't ever talk about him at all! For exactly that reason – I didn't know what to call him. But now, I do. I just gave up trying to hide it.
    His name is Fernie, and at the beginning of the year, I wrote a piece about how we went to Washington DC a couple years ago. Once he came by my classroom to drop off my lunch and one of my girls asked me, "Is that Freddy?!" So I don't think it matters what I call him lol.

  7. That's so cute! My hunny's dad was a custodian…but in a church haha.

    You should look into blogging. It's SO MUCH FUN and not as hard as you think. Just check it out at

  8. What a funny story! My husband's birthday is ALSO the day before Valentine's Day. I always made such a HUGE deal of it all. In the beginning, there were elaborate multi-tiered, heart-shaped cakes, with "Happy Birthday to My Valentine" written on them. It used to take me days! Now, he still gets a heart-shaped cake (two-layers if I'm feeling frisky!) with the same inscription, but it's no fancier than any other two-layered cake. Poor thing.

    I don't know how to do the "linky party" thing, but I'll just quickly share our story – we met when I was 17. I started working at the local (big chain) grocery store when I turned 16. About a year later, my husband was between jobs, and a friend got him a job at my store. He was older, and out of school, so he worked days, while I was still in high school, so I worked nights. However, I had requested to open on Thanksgiving morning, so I could be home for dinner, and guess who else was working? He started about an hour after I did. He was my bagger most of the day (I was a cashier) and we barely made small talk. We never worked together again (He only worked there about a month before getting another job) but apparently he asked around about me. I saw him again the next week when I went into the store for something while he was working. While I was talking to one of my bosses, he comes strolling over and says, "So, are you gonna give me your number, or what?" So charming, right?! Obviously, it worked, though, and we were joined at the hip almost immediately. It's been over 26 years now, so he must have done something right. πŸ™‚

  9. awwwww!! My husband and I are both teachers, and teach in the same county, though we didn't when we first met. I hope you get your bling someday soon!! Hang on to him…he sounds like a good one!!

  10. Ok, glad I'm not the only one! I was hesitant to talk about him at first too, however he's a huge part of my life, so I couldn't avoid it! I only turn red now when they refer to my "boyfriend Nate" in front of parents!

  11. Hey!! Thanks for being my first official follower!! A BIG SHOUT OUT to Ms. Chrissy!!! As promised, I have some FREEBIES for you πŸ™‚ Let me know where you want me to email them to you.

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