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Two Different Models of Testing Support, The Coaching Podcast, Ep. 10

The conventional model of testing support usually looks like pulling small groups out for intervention. The instructional coach identified a group of kids who needs specialized support and works with them in their room, targeting their needs based on data. But is that the best, most impactful way to grow our students? In episode 10, I share two different models of testing support that could be exactly what you need to shake up your test prep. Instead of working with kids in an isolated group, make an impact on classrooms and the work of the teacher for the rest of their life. Change teaching and learning by implementing one of these methods on your campus!Testing season is upon us. If you’d rather sit in the closet crying than talk about it for one more minute, I am right there with you.
Testing is rough on everyone: students, teachers, and coaches. While testing is like walking through a dungeon with shackles on the walls, there is a way to get out of the traditional testing mode and make turn drudgery into something purposeful for teachers and kids.

You may have a principal who loves the “intervention model.” In this model, you would probably end up pulling around five students in a gruop out to do an intervention group in hopes of boosting those test scores. If you have more than  one intervention group, you’re stuck in the drudgery zone of test prep all day.

While this is the “tried and true” method, is it really effective? What does it really do? I have an unpopular view. From my perspective it takes you out of where you should be: in the classroom growing teachers.

When you have test-prep plans designed around this model, you’re creating four problems. Listen to Episode 10 to discover what four mishaps are created with this traditional method!

If you’re tired of the “old fashioned” way and you’re ready to get onto something new, try one of these two methods: Push in Support or Co-Taught Test Prep

Push in Support

The Push in Support method puts you back into the classroom instead of pulling you out of it. With this method, you use data (learn more about data on Buzzing with Ms. B Episode 8) to determine who your target and bubble students are as well as what concepts need to be retaught or reviewed.

The Push in Support method allows you to work with either the target or the bubble group with the teacher supporting whichever group you’re not. It also provides sneaky coaching opportunities without stressing the teacher out. Find out how to provide Push in Support and how it can build lifelong skills for your teacher by listening to Episode 10 of Buzzing with Ms. B.

Co-Taught Test Prep

This method is hard but it has huge reward! With this method, you pull out students from a variety of classrooms who are struggling with the same concepts and work with them as one class! You identify one classroom teacher (who could use the co-teaching experience) and make them your buddy. You plan together, deliver lessons together, and then divide and conquer in small groups!

While using this method, you will have to change some schedules around. The two weeks of intensive learning will be hard on you and your schedule but it is so worth it. I have seen teachers completely change their classroom instruction and teaching philosophies after a couple weeks of co-teaching test prep.

Testing is one of the worst times of year. No one likes it, but (at least for now) it’s something we have to deal with in the teaching world. You can learn more about testing methods, co-teaching, and collaborative work by checking out Buzzing with Ms. B: the Coaching Podcast! Until next time, happy coaching!

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It’s free download time! With this download, you can support your teachers in figuring out which students need intervention and what you’re going to focus on, too!

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