Are you impressed that it’s Friday and I’m actually posting this? I am! I am especially impressed because this was the first week of school.
I am about to tell you a weird (very short) story. Today, I had a bunch of errands to do around the school. Most of the normal people had left (thank goodness) because it was about two hours after school let out. I was walking back to my room after running all my errands, and I realized, “I forgot to copy something!” I was almost all the way back to my room. This is when the weird thing happened. As soon as I realized I forgot to copy my stuff, I jerked to a stop. At this point, normal people say, “Nuts” or “Oops” or “Shoot!” Not me.

And then I said, “Butt!”

What is that? Who says that? Why did I say that?
I really don’t know what’s going on with me. My sister in law says all my neurons were firing and it was just the first thought that made it to the surface. But why was it in there in the first place? I think I have Turretts.
I giggled all the way to the copy machine. Because that’s just weird. 
Anyway, this is five pictures (kind of six) that show you a little about my busy week and why I said, “Butt.”
#1: Take a Book, Leave a Book!
I love this! I cleaned up a little old bookshelf and brought some books from home. I made the Take a Book, Leave a Book sign and explained to the faculty that if they want a book, they just take one and leave another for someone else to read. 

#2 My Room!
It took my a while, but I think it’s mostly ready! It’s a meeting place for teachers, a place for modeling, and working with small groups of students. When my boss told me last year that I had to move (I had to do it in the last week of school ack!), I almost cried. More than once. But now I’m excited to start this new year in a new room.

 #3 Feelings Bulletin Board
Our new Book of the Month is The Way I Feel. It’s a great book, full of excellent illustrations and text describing feelings. It’s written in rhyme, and it’s really a fun read.

To make the bulletin board, I made little speech bubbles with feelings (synonyms for each one) and I asked some of our kids to make faces that showed those emotions. The outcome was hilarious. I said, “Can you make a face that shows you’re determined?” and they stared at me. I said, “Maybe try to narrow your eyes, or make a fist?” and they squinted at me. I said, “Make a face that shows you’re content, or happy.” And they stared at me. It was a challenge.

#4 These darn floating discs
I have no idea what to call them. They’re cute and they came from Joann’s Fabrics. They were, like, two bucks. And I finally put them up (after I almost ruined them because I couldn’t figure out the one-step assembly process).

#5 These Binders
I loooooooove them so much. I’ve been working on a new product for instructional coaches. It’s a MegaPack of fillable and printable forms, and some printables like binder covers and labels. I’m so excited- just put it up on TPT! Grab it here!

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