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Saturday English Camp: Turkey Time!

For the last two years, I planned with teachers to host a Saturday English Camp for grades 2 – 5. This group of third graders was the last group in our Saturday English camps last year. It happened right before Thanksgiving, so of course, our theme was TURKEYS! 
The main focus of our English camps are listening, speaking, reading, and writing in English. We incorporate fun, hands-on activities, and language acquisition strategies such as chants, songs, poems, GLAD charts, etc. 

Third graders read A Plump and Perky Turkey and pulled out descriptive words from the story. 
Then kids wrote about what their turkey wants us to eat for Thanksgiving, instead of turkey! The most exciting part of the morning was when the kids used lots of edible materials to create their own turkey. It was fun to see what creative turkeys they came up with!

This turkey honestly left me with a few questions…

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