Integrating Valentine’s Day into your curriculum

Maybe I was mean when I was a classroom teacher. I can distinctly remember students asking at 8:00 on Valentine’s Day, “When’re we gonna pass out the sugar high-inducing stacks of sweets I brought?!” and I said, “Valentine’s Day starts at 2:00. Don’t ask about it again or it’s not happening.”

Youch! Harsh!

I mean, it worked, but really… lol 

This wasn’t always the case. I usually tried to find a way to integrate something about the holiday into the current focus for reading or writing… or math… or something! To help you do the same, and avoid the cruelty that is the conversation above, I’ve put together several Valentine’s Day themed products, available on TPT. 

Literacy Products
Lovin’ Literacy: Valentine’s Day Research Mini-Project
Differentiated tools to read and gather information on Valentine’s Day symbols, 
and represent it in a fun project!

My Heart Is Set… On Learning Idioms!
Valentine’s Day Idioms Book
2nd- 4th grade

Sweet Treat Word Work Pack
Centers or Stations activities to practice rhyming words, syllables, and parts of speech.
Designed for second and third grade.

Can’t Buy Me Love Contractions Activities
Heart-shaped contractions matching center or station and five handouts to practice contractions.
Designed for third grade.

LoveBugs Synonyms and Antonyms Pack
Center/station activities (great as file folder games) where students match synonyms and antonyms.

LoveBugs Plurals
A cute center/station activity to help students practice how to make a singular word plural – when do you add “s” and when do you add “es”? 
Designed for third and fourth grade.

Math Products

Sweet Stuff! Valentine’s Day Math Centers or Stations
Centers for fact families, adding and subtracting 3-digit numbers, multiplication facts, and odd/even.
Designed for third grade.

Valentine’s Day Graph Activities
Bar Graphs & Pictographs with differentiated questioning!
Designed for third grade.

Candy Hearts Math
Use candy hearts to teach basic graphing, fractions and probability! 
Designed for third grade.

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