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Earth Day Every Day

I feel like I pet a porcupine.

My fingers are full of stickers. I was pulling weeds from the front yard, and they had already gone to seed. And how do they protect their seeds? Stickers. Yowza.

Anyway, as I complain about the healthy weeds growing in my front yard, I would like to share with you our Earth Day writing.

WHAT?! Earth Day! That was a month ago!

Well, that’s why my title is “Earth Day Every Day.” Sheesh.

Anyway, we started our pieces in response to our school-wide April Picture Prompt back at the beginning of April, but we didn’t get ours done until the week after Earth Day. For more information on our school-wide picture prompt and other initiatives, click here.
And then I had two kids who were absent
and I didn’t want to take the picture with their writing missing!
So anyway, everything is on the wall now, and we’re ready to share what we did.
This is the wall:

This is the article on the wall:
It’s a Scholastic News about recycling shoes, which apparently is a thing now.
These are some of their writing pieces. 
I’ll share our persuasive writing format as a template below.
These are some of the pieces the kids wrote in response to our monthly picture. The picture was a little girl (or maybe a boy from far away) who was walking in a green, green environment full of grass and trees. 
The kids wrote about persuading someone to do something good for the environment. They had to identify the action that people do now that is a problem, a couple of reasons that it was a problem, and what they wanted people to do about it.

Then, because it was the day after state testing and Ms. Beltran was depressed, they made these! They’re from the Lesson Plan Diva and the kids thought they were so cool.
Grab it for free.


To grab the template for the persuasive writing plan, click here to get it from Google Docs.

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