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“Ways to be” as an Instructional Coach, Ep. 27: The Coaching Podcast

What are some important "ways to be" as an instructional coach? In this episode, I'll share some big ideas that we all should strive for - how to make building trust an ongoing way to be, and which other ideals are important to reflect in your demeanor. Learn about how to be realistic, while being a positive problem solver!
One of my favorite equations is, “Trust = Credibility + Empathy.”
This means we don’t have trust if we don’t have credibility and empathy.
Actually, we can’t have trust and we can’t have positive relationships without adjusting our ways of being with our teachers.
In this episode, I share 8 great tips to change your way of being on campus including credibility and empathy to gain positive relationships which will help you make a maximum impact!
Instructional coaches have to “be” a certain way in order to create trust and positive relationships.

Something my mom says is, “Neither a leader or a follower be.”

This sounds weird right? It is. She’s pretty goofy and mixes things up a lot, but this bit of wisdom sticks with me because it’s true!
Most people think, “Why wouldn’t I want to be a leader?” Well, that’s a great question.
When people say, “Go be a leader!” it makes me cringe inwardly. Why? To “go be a leader,” you are essentially going out there and saying “I am the best at this. Follow me!”
No one likes being around someone who believes they know everything. Instead, you can become a leader by doing things that people choose to follow. Check out all of Episode 27 to figure out how to become a leader without demanding the title.

Another way of being to consider is huge: avoiding favoritism. No one likes feeling like they are “less than” someone else. If you have a favorite teacher, get that out of your head! Creating exceptions for some blurs the lines. Teachers notice every inconsistency and you will start to lose their trust.

This idea goes hand in hand with creating clear boundaries. When you have favorites and you don’t create clear boundaries, you’re not going to get a good buy in from your teacher. In Episode 27, I have a great real-life examples as to what happens when there are favorites and expectations are not clear or consistent.

One of the hardest things to “be” when we are coaching is a believer that all people are operating with good intentions. WE all know that one teacher who is constantly complaining. It seems like they are just dreadful people who entered the wrong profession. However, there’s a secret message behind those complaints.

Tune into all of Buzzing with Ms. B the Coaching Podcast to learn what that message is. Plus, find out three more ways of being to create positive relationships with your teachers. Happy Coaching!

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