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Also, the promised pigphony.
I warn you: this is pretty ridicuous. It’s a very weird post. But I promised my hunny I would write it, and he had a bad day, so we have to make him happy.
My hunnybun and I decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day a little late this year. By celebrate, I mean actually leave the house and do something other than go to Target. We postponed because, on Saturday, the symphony was performing his favorite symphony of all time: Antonin Dvorak’s 9th Symphony, New World Symphony. 
For reference, it sounds like this.
It’s very serious (symphonies usually are).
My experience with symphonies is limited. I don’t listen to them much – not opposed to them, just don’t think about it much. I attended one on a field trip when I was a kid, but all I remember about it is the pretty dress I wore with a big red flower on it.
So honestly, when I hear symphonies….
I think of…
Bugs Bunny.
Well, the other day, we were listening to this symphony in the car, in preparation for our ‘fancy date’ (one of THREE since I met this man three years ago – not three FANCY dates; three dates at all. ever.)
He was singing some of the parts and it sounded funny to me.
Like what? you ask.
Like a pig.
Like a little pig, singing.
Like a little pig, singing, “I’m just a little pig. Please don’t eat me.”
Now, I know that sounds absolutely stupid. I’m not denying this. But the other day, I mentioned the pigphony, and I figured I better follow through.
So once I had established a protagonist (a precious little piggins) I had to have an antagonist. A farmer. With an axe. And a pitchfork.
I made up lyrics that had him say things like, “I must eat ALL the pigs!” and “Where have you gone, O Pig?”
The pig hides behind a cow. 
The farmer sings about bacon.
The pig begs for his life.
The farmer sings about ham.
The pig keeps hiding.
I acted this out in my den.
Then, the pig has a nightmare – keep in mind, this is all inspired by the symphony; the plot makes perfect sense with the music in my head
The farmer almost catches the pig.
And then….I didn’t hear the end of the symphony, so I wasn’t sure what happened at the end. I was sincerely worried.
So on Saturday night, we went to the symphony. 
In the middle of the fourth movement (the best part for the pig), my hunny looked at me and started to giggle. 
Then he stopped.
Then we got to the part where the pig is hiding behind a cow.
He giggled.
Then he stopped.
Then we got to the end, during which I realized what happens.
The pig trots away, so fast, on his little pig feet, and the farmer stands, holding his pitchfork, looking forlorn.
All you can see is the little piggin’s little pig bottom disappearing over a hill, his curly tail bouncing behind.
I was very relieved.
After the pigphony was over, I informed my hunny about what the ending was. He was relieved too. 
But I think I still ruined the symphony for him, because now, instead of the glorious “Going Home,” he is going to hear a little pig begging for his life and trotting into the distance.
I’m sorry that was so weird. I had to keep my promise.
To say I’m sorry, here’s a freebie thing, black and white for easy printing: 
Click it to grab it from TPT.

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