Classroom Observation Forms for Instructional Coaches


Classroom observation and walk-through forms for instructional coaches are the perfect tool to help you record, reflect on, and discuss with teachers about what is happening in classrooms!



Use these forms to document classroom management, behavior, student engagement, academic language, questioning, and more when you visit classrooms! The discussion questions help you guide a discussion with the teacher.

Included in this resource…

Getting started with classroom visits

  • Thoughts on visiting classrooms
  • Classroom visits record
  • Classroom visit: 4-square overview

The Big Picture Forms

  • Lesson overview
  • Management & instruction
  • Ghost visits
  • Classroom observations blank forms
  • Classroom visits blank forms

Classroom Management Observation Forms

  • Classroom management 4-square
  • Time management
  • ABC behavior data collection
  • ABC behavior data collection with antecedent options
  • Behavior interruptions
  • Disruptive behaviors

Student Engagement Observation Forms

  • Student participation
  • Student movement
  • Compliance vs. engagement

Instruction Observation Forms

  • Oral language 4-square
  • Language development 4-square
  • Gradual release 4-square
  • Evidence of Learning 4-square
  • Lesson alignment
  • Academic language
  • Pick 3
  • Teacher feedback

Half-page Feedback Forms

  • Classroom visits
  • Literacy coaching visit (3 versions)
  • Math & science coaching visit (3 versions)

Start coaching with confidence with this tool!


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