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The PD Opportunities You Might be Missing, Ep. 109 Buzzing with Ms. B: The Coaching Podcast

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Looking for new ideas for your PD sessions?

This month on The Coaching Podcast, our focus is on professional development. On this episode, I talk about the different PD opportunities you might be missing. We look at how to offer workshops, after-school training, book studies, and other learning opportunities for teachers.

During the show, we discuss ways to provide whole and small group professional learning. I share why I love book studies, different formats to try, and my best tips for how to turn these sessions into valuable learning opportunities. You’ll learn practical ways to help teachers envision what strategies will look like in their classroom and how to ensure what they learned gets added to their lesson plans.

This episode is perfect for new coaches searching for ideas for PD or experienced ones looking to add some variety to their current offerings. Tune in now and let’s learn together!

Topics and Questions Discussed in Episode 109 – The PD Opportunities You Might be Missing

  • Tips for successful professional learning
  • Pros and cons of whole group in-service, after-school PDs, and professional book studies
  • Ideas for how to structure whole school in-service learning to maximize this type of learning
  • Why instructional coaches need to be thoughtful about the materials they use in large groups
  • The importance of differentiating the concepts taught and resources used during whole group in-service
  • Ideas for presenting PD to multiple grades at the same time
  • Building time for small group work and team conversations during school-wide PD
  • Planning for after-school professional learning
  • How to make after-school PD time more effective
  • Why I include numbers in my PD titles
  • The reason coaches shouldn’t introduce brand new stuff during after-school PD and what to do instead
  • Why teachers need to envision what strategies will look like with children
  • Tips for making a book study work
  • How to plan book studies and set a purpose for learning
  • Why book studies are ideal for a small group of teachers who want to dig deeper into a specific topic
  • Some common challenges with book clubs and other types of PD
  • Different types of book studies – optional, required, school-wide, and summer
  • How to help teachers use what they learned in PD in the classroom
  • Examples of book studies I’ve done with teachers
  • Why teachers need time built in to create plans and practice their new learning

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Podcast produced by Fernie Ceniceros

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