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Video Coaching: The Nitty Gritty with Cory Camp, Ep. 79 Buzzing with Ms. B: The Coaching Podcast

What are the benefits of using video coaching with teachers? On this episode of The Coaching Podcast, video coach Cory Camp joins me to discuss video-enhanced coaching. We talk about how instructional coaches can use video with their teams. She shares what a video coaching cycle looks like on campus and how to overcome common objections. Listen to the entire episode to learn actionable strategies, including what tools she uses for this type of virtual professional development.

Have you considered using video coaching?

Wondering what it might look like in action?

On this episode of The Coaching Podcast, I talk with Cory Camp of Sibme about using video coaching with teachers. We discuss what a video coaching cycle looks like and the tools instructional coaches can use to capture lessons.

My guest Cory is an expert on virtual coaching. Her use of video started organically when she began recording herself while teaching. She is now a consultant and video coach.

Cory’s mission is to help teachers reflect, see themselves, and have that “aha” while watching videos of their teaching practice. She says the beauty of video is that it gives a different perspective and lets teachers see themselves teaching in a new light.

What is Video Coaching?

It’s just what you would think it is – teachers recording themselves while teaching. They go through an entire coaching cycle.

One advantage of video-enhanced coaching is that the learner has more ownership and equity in the coaching conversations. Since the teacher reviews their lesson before sending it to the coach, they reflect on what they see on the video.

It’s like they’re coaching themselves and building capacity without the coach having to do all the observations. This makes a big impact.

Getting Started with Video Coaching

Cory and I discuss how she begins using video with teachers. To start she asks them for an introductory video and tour of their classroom. This is low stakes, and she shares a video of her office with them too.

She then asks them to record a lesson but doesn’t have the teacher send it to her. It’s for them to get familiar with the technology and get comfortable on camera.

During our chat, she explains how to set goals and the types of focus questions she asks her staff. She recommends the questions in the book, The Coaching Habit by Michael Bungay Stanier, to help guide teachers.

How Video Coaching Improves Student Learning

With video-enhanced coaching, Cory prefers getting small snapshots. She explains how she’s able to do heavy coaching using short video clips with a specific focus.

It’s important to give guiding questions to teachers. Otherwise, they may just focus on how they look and sound.

During the episode, Cory shares what a regular week looks like as a virtual coach. She guides us through a typical video coaching cycle and discusses the impact on observable practices.

She explains how using video allows her to see more teachers than she could in person. The teacher records their lesson and sends it when convenient. It removes scheduling conflicts, which are so common in schools.

Cory shares tips for how she gets reluctant teachers to try video coaching. She also gives suggestions for how to make sure teachers are being legally compliant and keeping student information safe when using video.

Video coaching has many benefits. One advantage is that it makes conferences more meaningful. The teachers have watched their lesson and have a better idea of where they would like to take the conversation. That gives them much more ownership and buy-in.

Obstacles to Video Coaching and How to Overcome Them

Video coaching can be a great way to frame coaching but may leave the teacher feeling vulnerable. A lot of teachers feel that it’s more high stakes than a traditional observation because there is a documented recording of them.

Another thing with video-enhanced coaching is you’ve got to be focused and meaningful for it to be effective. Otherwise, you’re giving yourself and your teachers more work by having too much to look at.

During the episode, Cory shares some ideas for how to overcome these barriers and help teachers have a positive experience with video coaching.

Want to Learn More About Video Coaching?

Video-enhanced coaching might be the untapped source of support you are looking for to move your teachers forward. Listen to the entire episode to learn all about using video in your instructional coaching practice.

This interview left me so energized that I want to recruit people to try this with right now!

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