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Creating a Coaching Culture with Jacy Ippolito, Ep. 66 Buzzing with Ms. B: The Coaching Podcast

Does your school lack a strong coaching culture? Professor Jacy Ippolito joins me on the podcast to discuss the impact of the principal-coach relationship on creating a culture of coaching. We talk about defining the role of an instructional coach, creating a menu of coaching services, and designing protocols. He explains why coaches should “manage up” when a strong coaching culture is absent. He shares instructional coaching tools to help you reflect on your work and get ready for next year.

Principals often hire instructional coaches and think they will magically turn the school around with their charisma alone.

This model of the heroic coach doesn’t work!

Principals and coaches need to work together to create a culture where everyone is clear on the coach’s role and how they support teachers.

Professor Jacy Ippolito joins me on the podcast to talk about creating a culture of coaching and learning. He’s the co-director of the graduate programs in teacher leadership at Salem State University, working primarily in literacy and leadership. Jacy was a reading specialist and literacy coach. He has always been interested in the role of teacher leaders trying to influence the practice of their colleagues.

During the interview, we talk about the hallmarks of a strong coaching culture and why a clear “theory of action” is key for success. We discuss the hurdles coaches face, including widespread misunderstanding of their role.

Instructional coaches often focus on the coach-teacher relationship. While that’s important, Jacy explains how the principal-coach relationship sets the tone for the coaching culture in the building. We chat about how to build this relationship and get the support you need from the administration.

Coaching work begins with the principal having a clear vision for their school. He shares why special care must be taken to define the coaching role, create a menu of coaching services, and develop a schedule for working with teachers. We discuss why it’s imperative that the principal messages these things continually, not just once at the beginning of the year.

Jacy explains why coaches need to “manage up” when a strong coaching culture is absent. We also talk about why it’s important not to go too fast as a coach. He shares resources for questions you can ask yourself to reflect on the work you’ve done and get ready for the next school year.

This episode is full of useful information you can apply on your campus to build a culture that lends itself to coaching, learning, and growth.

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