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Coaching Call: Supporting Teachers When They are Overwhelmed with Dr. Heather Michel, Ep. 65 Buzzing with Ms. B: The Coaching Podcast

Teacher burnout is real! Teaching has been an exhausting profession in recent years due to increased work demands. And this trend doesn't seem to be going away any time soon. On the podcast, Dr. Heather Michel and I discuss ideas for instructional coaches supporting overwhelmed teachers. We brainstorm instructional coaching strategies for supporting teachers through all the emotions that come with teacher overwhelm.

Teaching this year has been overwhelming and everyone is exhausted!

Usually, teachers have relationships with students and colleagues to keep them going, but it’s different in a pandemic.

It’s particularly hard for first-year teachers who lack the perspective of what school can look like under normal circumstances. They are facing a sense of loss and had to change their vision of what teaching looks like in the classroom.

Dr. Heather Michel joins me on the Coaching Podcast to talk through some challenges she’s facing while coaching first-year teachers. We discuss the difficulty accessing the supports needed through all the emotions. We brainstorm ideas for how instructional coaches can help teachers connect with each other and build the relationships they need right now.

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