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When You Feel Like Giving Up and Going Back to the Classroom with Amie Burkholder, Ep. 59 Buzzing with Ms. B: The Coaching Podcast

Being an instructional coach can be difficult and lonely at times. Amie Burkholder from Literacy Edventures joins me to discuss what to do when you feel like giving up. She shares ideas to build relationships with teachers and why it’s necessary to define your role clearly from the beginning. Listen to learn why it’s crucial to find common ground and not take things personally.

Instructional coaching is not for the weak of heart!

There are times when it’s tough to keep going and stay positive.

Teachers can be vocal about not wanting help from a coach.

In some classrooms, you’ll struggle with the same resistance year after year.

So, what can you do when you feel like throwing in the towel and heading back to the classroom?

Amie Burkholder of Literacy Edventures joins me to talk about her transition from teacher to literacy coach. She shares the difficulties she encountered and strategies that helped her become a better coach.

This episode is for you if you’re thinking about leaving coaching and going back to teaching. You’ll come away with lots of practical ideas you can try now with your teachers to get results.

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Podcast produced by Fernie Ceniceros

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