Time to Talk Turkey! Thanksgiving Themed Materials

Hello, lovely ladies.

(I had a student several years ago who would actually say this when he entered a room full of teachers. 
It was hil-arious.)

Today is just a mini-post! I wanted to share some of the Thanksgiving themed products I’ve put together in case you’re a-hunting for some cute stuff for this week! 

I say this week because in my district, we get the WHOLE WEEK OF THANKSGIVING OFF!!

Yes, the whole week. This is excellent, because it gives me enough time to put up all the Christmas decorations and often even wrap some of the Christmas presents I compulsively buy throughout the year!

Anyway, take a peek at some of the Thanksgiving products you can find at my TPT store: Buzzing with Ms. B. I’ve got the hook-up for reading, writing, and math during the last week before Thanksgiving.

Looking for some fun word work! Check out Gobbling Up Words and help your kids work with syllables, plurals, compound words, and sight words!

Math is more fun when turkeys are on the menu! Turkey Time includes problem solving, arrays, multiplication facts, fact families, and more.

And for some engaging writing activities to get your kids’ creative brains churning, check out Let’s Talk Turkey for interesting materials to teach writing in four different genres of writing! 

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